Quall Publications

We publish performing editions of eighteenth century music for the viola d’amore.  All editions are based on primary  source materials (unless stated) which are usually the composer’s autograph manuscript.  Where more than one early source is available, reference is made to both.  For example, a score may exist in one location and a set of original parts in another.  This can provide important extra information which informs the edition.  All editions are prepared by a performer and are designed to be as easy to use as possible by performers.  Careful attention is made to avoid unnecessary page turns and position page turns at bars rest.  Notes are provided which give information on tuning, relevant performing and background information wherever possible.  The notes also explain editorial changes made in order to update notational conventions to modern standards as well as any obvious errors which have been corrected. Many viola d’amore parts of the eighteenth century were written using scordatura notations of one kind or another.  The editions always include a copy of the original notation as well as a ‘sounding pitch’ standard notation where this is the case.